Kind Words


Charlottesville, VA

Laura + Patrick

Jen absolutely exceeded our expectations (which were already very high) for our October wedding. She was extremely responsive and flexible during the planning process. On the day of, she made us feel comfortable, made us laugh, and captured fleeting expressions (both of us and our family/friends) that we will always treasure. Multiple people have since commented that our photos are the best wedding photos they've seen. Jen really is the best of the best. 

Keswick, VA

Kate + Cody

Jen was absolutely amazing! Not only did she take amazing photographs but she was a wealth of knowledge about the wedding industry and helped us find our way to a fantastic wedding planner, helped us figure out details that made a big difference like the time of our ceremony (the lighting was flawless), etc. Jen went out of her way to make everyone feel comfortable and relaxed, which shows in the photos. She is a true artist and her work is incredible-- and she loves it, which makes you excited to be a part of her process. We are so incredibly grateful to Jen and cannot recommend her highly enough.

Charlottesville, VA 

Sara + Nicholas

Wow.. where do I begin. Jen is absolutely the BEST and I could not recommend her more!!! Although I did not get a chance to meet her prior to our wedding day I felt like the second I met her I had known her for so long. She made myself and my husband feel SOOOO comfortable and captured the entire night PERFECTLY!! Plus all my bridesmaids absolutely loved her, we felt like she was a part of the bridal party. 😊 My friends and I have been a part of a lot of weddings now and they always say how my photographer was the “BEST”. Not only is she an absolute pleasure to work with but her photos came out INCREDIBLE!! There is not a single photo that we do not love. She is extremely talented and you will not regret hiring her!! I promise you. We will be using her for years to come!!

I can hardly even gather the words to describe how absolutely spectacularly talented and unbelievably kind Jen is. I am in absolute awe of our wedding photos. Our wedding album captures all of the joy and love from our day so perfectly, and my husband and I could not be more thankful. The winds on the day of our wedding reached up to 40mph, and not only did Jen manage to make sure everybody looked normal in our photos (I was fearing the worst, hair-wise), she also leaned into the moment and captured some absolutely AMAZING shots that we will treasure forever. She delivered a perfect mix of photos that included portraits, candids, and artistic shots, and we love them all. And Jen’s upbeat attitude put everyone at ease when posing for photos. She made the day so fun, and we are just so grateful. During the planning process, Jen was there every step of the way if we had any questions and was so excited to share her ideas. She was a true partner throughout it all!
In addition to our wedding, Jen also traveled up to NYC (where my husband and I live) to do our engagement shoot. We loved getting to know her in advance of our wedding day, and Jen did a fantastic job capturing the feel of the city. We wanted some urban shots since we knew we were having a more countryside-esque wedding in Charlottesville, and she executed our vision perfectly. In short, Jen is incredible. We are so glad that we hired her, and you will be too!


“Jen is pure MAGIC.”

Melissa + Joe

Scottsville, VA 

Jen is the best in the business! I’m so thankful that we had her capture our special day. Not only is she sweet and kind, she is a professional through and through. I can’t get over the quality of our photos and her timeliness—we had our full album in two months, with sneak peeks posted the day after our wedding! Check out her Instagram feed—you will instantly love her!

“Not only is she sweet and kind, she is a professional through and through..”

Jessica + Corey

Charlotteville, VA 

Charlottesville, VA 

Mary + Robbie

Jen is an absolutely amazing wedding photographer. It was such an honor to have her take our engagement, rehearsal dinner, & wedding photos. She is sooo talented and fun to work with. I am stunned with the photos - truly!!! It feels like she captured every moment of the night perfectly! I cannot recommend her enough. She is so experienced, professional, and fun - She was such a relaxing and peaceful presence on our wedding day too! We <3 Jen!!

Selecting the photographer for your wedding will be one of the hardest decisions you’ll likely have to make because there are a lot of talented photographers out there but let me just say Jen is EXCEPTIONAL. If you go to her site, the quality of her work is obvious so I encourage you to look yourself. I will instead comment on the things that can’t be gleaned from her photographs that will make your day incredibly memorable. First, Jen listens, does her homework, and makes sure she delivers exactly what you want. I asked that she try to capture photos of each wedding guest and their date, especially our family members and wedding party. She didn’t just check that box with shots of each table. She pulled almost everyone aside and my guests cannot stop gushing over their pictures. In particular, my SIL never got a photo with her mother at her own 2021 wedding (!). Jen, heard her mention this as we were getting ready and took them both aside for a sunset photo. This was priceless. She also caught what is now my favorite picture of my mother - natural, smiling, gorgeous, and completely candid. And that doesn’t mean that Jen sacrificed time with my husband and I. I gave Jen several photos for inspiration of what shots I wanted to hit. I had low expectations because these were editorial shots and as best I try, I am not naturally photogenic but Jen nailed it. I thought I would get 1 maybe 2 photos that I genuinely liked but there are too many to count. Jen also took the time to research ALL of the locations we would be taking photos at ahead of time and made sure we hit the best spots.  The pictures that Jen and her team delivered are stunning. The groom can’t stop going through the album and every single person who we’ve shared shots with has reached out to say just how beautiful they are. And they aren’t just talking about the pictures of us, they love the pictures of themselves. Nothing is more rewarding than to hear family and friends tell us that they will cherish these memories.

let me just say Jen is EXCEPTIONAL

Jen is simply the best! She is incredibly kind and gracious, and tremendously creative and professional in all that she does. Her sweet demeanor, patience, and calm truly set the tone for a most magnificent day. She encourages organic interactions between partners so as to capture the essence of the couple, rather than cheesy, rigid poses. We remain so grateful for her presence, vision, and talent. She captured each moment flawlessly, and we routinely relive our divine day through the timeless photographs that she took.

She captured each moment flawlessly

Washington, DC

Alberene, VA 

Jillian + Sean

Janie + Adam

She captured each moment flawlessly

What a WONDERFUL and talented human! We just loved working with Jen (and her team!) and are thrilled with their photos. It will be hard to pick among all the gems which ones we want to include in our book and frame... what a wonderful problem to have. Jen really captures the moment. Her photos don't feel contrived -- just genuine and lovely. My matron of honor actually told me, "I honestly can’t believe how good everyone looks in these. Maybe the only photos I’ve ever liked of myself!" In addition to her excellent photography, Jen is a wonderful person to be around on a busy wedding day -- you can tell she loves photographing weddings!

Elizabeth + Joseph

Charlottesville, VA 

We hired Jen as our photographer for our wedding this past December and had nothing but the best experience! From the moment we met her (I brought my parents and in-laws with me), we were sold! Her energy is contagious and you can tell that she puts her whole heart and soul into her photography - it shines through in every single photo she takes. My husband and I both don't love getting our photos taken, but Jen made us feel confident and comfortable! She also worked incredibly well with our entire family and made everyone feel at ease - all night, people were gushing about Jen and what a star she truly is! Jen, we can't thank you enough for making this part of our wedding so seamless and wonderful. You are forever in our hearts for giving us beautiful wedding photos that we will cherish for the rest of our lives!

“Her energy is contagious and you can tell that she puts her whole heart and soul into her photography.”

Courtney + Adam

Keswick, VA